Dec 29, 2014
Atmos Orbit Vape Pen

The Atmos Orbit is a true vaporizer pen that was recently released earlier this year in 2014, and has been making some waves in the vaporizer community.  I think the great success of this new pen is due to the fact that it uses a ceramic heating chamber technology that is very similar to that of an actual portable vaporizer.  In fact, the Atmos Orbit uses the same exact heating chamber as the Atmos Transporter, which is their newest portable vape to be released this year.  There are many different opinions on these products so far, but the overwhelming majority of folks seems to think that these products are excellent additions to the already successful line of Atmos products that have kept consumers satisfied and happy for several years now. 

You will also find that Atmos has a wide selection of products that aren't just vaporizer based, as they sell grinders and other things as well.  It's good to get to know a company by the content and products that they produce on a consistent basis so you can get a good feel for how they operate at a functional level.  Major corporations today in the United States have had a tough time finding qualified individuals to run their companies, and you would be smart to get in touch with some more people who can help you make these sensitive purchasing decisions.  If you are interested in learning more about the vaporizer industry then I suggest you catch up on some blogs and forums about the subject so that you begin to get a comprehensive idea about what actually is going on there.  You will start to see patterns forming, where you will soon be able to quickly detect if a product is high quality or not.  This is something that is only developed through a consistent application of hard work and effort.  You will soon get to know your very own personal strengths and weaknesses and you can use those to gauge your efforts towards a universal solution within the vaporizer community.

Another thing that makes the Atmos Orbit vaporizer pen a great addition to your vaping arsenal is that it has a long lasting lithium ion battery with a stylish leather case on it.  There aren't many other vaporizer companies out there in the marketplace that will give you those types of options, so you should immediately take advantage of this one while it's here and available for consumers.  Another thing that you will want to know is that Atmos Technologies is one of the highest rated vaporizer companies that currently exists, so you will want to keep that in mind as well when you are looking around at different products to purchase.  You will surely see other companies products that you will become interested in, but as long as you can recognize that there aren't any other people who are as thorough and effective as Atmos, you will be fine.

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